Laura M. Reich

As a third-generation attorney, I have been interested in the law since I was a child.  I decided to pursue a career in the law while studying at the University of Florida, but long before that I honed my debate skills around the family dinner table and dressed up as a lawyer for Halloween (complete with briefcase and tiny suit jacket).  When I was still very young, my father would take me to his office to stamp his files “Closed” and alphabetize his rolodex.  Sometimes I think that I was predestined for a career in the law.


In high school, I joined the debate team, where I met my law partner Clarissa Rodriguez, because I thought that being a lawyer meant arguing loudly and continuously until others accepted your position.  Now, after many years of practicing law and arbitrating, I know that non-stop battle is not always the most effective method to achieve the best outcomes for my clients.  A good lawyer or arbitrator has an entire array of tools, and experience teaches how best to use those tools.  I know that some cases need a negotiator, some need an advocate, and some need a warrior, and I am experienced at playing each of those roles as the situation requires.  I am pleased to get to know my clients and their unique concerns to develop a strategy to best achieve their personalized goals.  Nothing makes me prouder than when a client describes me as a member of their team.

Clarissa A. Rodriguez

I am endlessly fascinated by the world beyond the borders of the U.S.  As the daughter of immigrants, I grew up speaking both English and Spanish and knowing that I had family that lived in other countries far away.  One of my favorite movie heroes is Indiana Jones, and at a young age, the stories of his adventures captivated me.  I wanted to explore the world and solve problems the way he did.  Admittedly, some people might miss the similarities between the world of Indiana Jones and the world of international dispute resolution, but I know that both worlds require many of the same skills: quick-thinking, strategic planning, and logistical flexibility.  Along with a sense of adventure, these are some of my core strengths.    


Much of my legal career has focused on international law, clients, and disputes.  In 2015, I became Board Certified by The Florida Bar in International Law so that I could highlight my expertise in this area to my clients.  In service to the development of international law in Florida, in 2019-2020, I served as President of The Florida Bar’s International Law Section.  I am proud to practice law and assist my clients in both English and Spanish.  Moreover, I have developed an art law practice, helping art galleries, museums, brokers, auction house, and private owners recover and protect their art and antiquities as well as their rights.  When my clients and I discover or recover a piece of art, I feel a little bit like Indiana Jones after all.

Donald S. Burris, Of Counsel

I have been a lawyer for more than fifty years.  When I graduated from Georgetown Law in 1969, I had no idea that I would ever say such a thing.  My legal career has taken me from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, with significant stops in Washington D.C. and Northern California along the way.  Some of the highlights of my career include serving as Special Counsel to the U.S. Senate Watergate Committee, clerking for the remarkable James R. Browning, Chief Judge for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, and serving as co-counsel in the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision in Altmann v. Republic of Austria, 541 U.S. 677 (2004) (on which the 2015 movie Woman in Gold was based).


Since the Altmann case, I have developed a particular expertise in all aspects of international art law, with a special emphasis on Nazi-art looting that took place during the Second World War.  I actively write and lecture on this topic, as well as other experiences during my more than 50 years in practice.  These days, in addition to my art law practice, I represent small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and businesses to larger publicly traded entities in a wide variety of commercial disputes.  My clients concerns are my concerns, and I will do everything in my power to help them achieve the results they desire.

Clarissa A. Rodriguez

Admitted to Practice

Florida, 2007 

Washington DC, 2009 

US District Court for the Southern District of Florida     



BA in English, University of Florida, 2002 

JD, Nova, Shephard Broad College of Law, 2006 

Licenciatura en Derecho Civil, Universidad de Barcelona, 

Facultad de Derecho, 2008     


Professional Associations and Memberships 

The Florida Bar International Law Section  


  • Chair-elect (2018-2019)

  • Executive Council 

  • Co-Chair Women's Committee 


The Florida Bar, Young Lawyers Division

The Florida Bar Certification Committee

District of Columbia Bar, International Law Section

Organization of Women in International Trade

Miami International Arbitration Society


Awards & Certifications

Board Certified Expert in International Law, The Florida Bar 2015

Super Lawyers Florida “Rising Star,” 2015-2018     



English, Spanish, Portuguese 



Civil Notary   

Notable Experience 


  • Second Chair in ICC arbitration representing South American multi-national telecommunications provider against largest South American telecommunications satellite owner operator in ICC arbitration over US$20 million claim for breach of agreement for use of satellite transponder. 

  • Second Chair in FINRA arbitration and mediation representing Brazilian national against multinational banking institution in action for restitution for price of future contracts purchased in Brazil for several millions of US dollars.

  • Represented Brazilian engineering company against a US manufacturing company in ICDR arbitration over US$20 million claim for in a breach of contract. 

  • Counsel in International Arbitration before Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada representing a Brazilian financial services company in multi-million claim over the price of toxic-assets. 

  • Represented UHNWI in the drafting, negotiating and securing sequential supply contracts and service agreements, worth more than US$80 million in aggregate, for construction materials from US suppliers.

  • Represented UHNWI in commercial and residential real estate acquisitions in South Florida totaling more than US$17 million. 

  • Represented multinational businesses in commercial real estate acquisitions in South Florida totaling more than US$50 million.

  • Represented UHNWI asset luxury law for the acquisition of super-yachts by Benetti and private jets by Bombardier. 

  • Represented Spanish wind-farm developer in due diligence for sale of 1500MW of Wind Energy Greenfield in Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, and Wyoming.