Simply put, we know art.  Unlike other assets, art cannot be commingled in a bank account, cannot be divided in parts, and cannot simply be replaced for something of equal value.  Art is, by definition, unique and begs for unique solutions to resolving disputes.

That is why art law disputes are best handled by specialized lawyers, and we know art law.  We handle cases involving the purchase and sale of art, title or provenance disputes, theft or restitution claims, property damage, and so much more.  We are highly experienced in all the legal spaces where art law claims are resolved—pre-suit negotiation, state and federal litigation, domestic and international arbitration, and international business transactions—and we take pride in representing art galleries, museums, collectors, individuals, and families with their art law concerns. We also know the art community.  We have regional, national, and global connections, and we work with leading industry experts, making them available where needed.

Finally, we know people.  Art is never only about the monetary value of the piece in question.  It’s also about the complex interplay of emotions and people related to that art.  It’s about where the art has been and who has touched it.  And sometimes, its simply about how that art makes you feel.   With experience working with non-profits, for-profits, start-ups, institutions, established business owners, and individuals, we understand the specific needs and concerns of our clients and focus on the best ways to zealously represent each unique clients’ interests.

Located in the heart of South Florida, we are perfectly placed to handle regional and international disputes. Colloquially referred to as the “capital” of South America, Miami enjoys the advantage of being located “between” Europe and Latin America. Miami is also the perfect place for private international dispute resolution. Working in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, we are your perfect team to handle these disputes, whether domestic or international.


As the world changes, so too does modern dispute resolution.  In the U.S. and internationally, we prefer arbitration over lengthy and expensive judicial proceedings.  Our involvement and experience in arbitration is extensive, and we have the experience and expertise to meet our clients’ needs in this changing environment.  We have experience arbitrating under the rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Center for Dispute Resolutions (ICDR), Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CAM CCBC), and the Financial Agency Regulatory Authority (FINRA), among others.  

Laura Reich regularly serves as arbitrator—individually, or as a member or chair of a panel—in domestic and international consumer and commercial disputes.  She is listed as an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association and the Court of Arbitration for Art in The Netherlands.  As an academic and published author, as well as a practitioner, she understands not only the theory of arbitration, but also its practice, and is dedicated to streamlining arbitration to ensure an effective and cost-efficient process. 

When litigation ancillary to arbitration proceedings—such as motions to compel arbitration, motions to vacate an arbitral award, and confirmation and enforcement proceedings—are necessary, we are here for you.  Additionally, when drafting arbitration clauses for your business transactions, we can help you draft effective and enforceable arbitration clauses.  

In addition to arbitration, we can also assist you in other forms of Administrative Dispute Resolution (ADR), such as mediation and neutral evaluation of your claims. ADR often saves money and facilitates mutually beneficial settlements, in which the parties (rather than judges, arbitrators, and juries) play the key role in resolving their own disputes. Often this results in more creative and thoughtful solutions, longer-lasting business relationships, and greater client satisfaction. 


We view lawsuits differently than other firms. When handled efficiently, we believe they are opportunities—for reflection, for empowerment, and even for growth.  We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and their industry-specific concerns, so that our legal strategies not only advance litigation but also assist our clients to run their businesses successfully.  We also work with our clients to manage litigation risk, both now and in the future.  Success means different things to different people; we want to help you achieve your successful outcome.     

Litigation, unfortunately, does not automatically end with a final judgment.  Frequently, the party unhappy with a final judgment, a jury’s verdict, or the court’s previous rulings seeks review from an appellate court, which have their own rules and customs.  Practice before such courts is significantly different from practice before trial courts.  We have the experience to help you navigate an appeal and avoid traps for the unwary or inexperienced.

We also provide local counsel services to out-of-area clients and law firms litigating in South Florida. We have experience with local judges and attorneys, and as local counsel we can assist lead counsel in navigating the complex (and often unconventional) South Florida legal landscape.


Anyone involved in the global marketplace—or who has traveled outside the US—knows that the United States is very different from countries in Europe, in South or Central America, or in Asia.  That is what makes doing business or traveling to other countries so enjoyable and exciting.  Engaging with other cultures is both a privilege and a learning experience, and those who travel widely have a worldview far different from those who do not.  Unfortunately, when individuals or businesses in different countries interact, disputes can arise.  Those disputes may arise from cultural misunderstanding, differing laws in different jurisdictions, or unexpressed or unmet expectations.  In any of those situations, you need lawyers who understand the unique nature of international business and who have specific expertise in international dispute resolution. 


Working in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, we understand the language and culture of international disputes and have a vast network of contacts to meet your needs abroad.  By becoming key members of your team, we will help you resolve those disputes—whether resolution requires specialized negotiations or international litigation or arbitration.  Attorney Clarissa Rodriguez is Board Certified in International Law by The Florida Bar, indicating her proven knowledge and expertise in international law.  Clarissa is also past Chair of the Florida Bar’s International Law Section, where she dedicated herself to improving the practice of international law in Florida and building a network of international law experts and practitioners.  Laura Reich, a member of the Florida Bar’s International Law Section’s Executive Counsel, has worked on international disputes for her entire career, in litigation, arbitration, and as an arbitrator.  We want to use the best tools at our disposal and the depth of our experience to help you resolve your international law disputes.